1.  Go to our plans & pricing page. Select the appropriate payment plan for your business or contact us directly

  2. happily receive your welcome pack and Return the signed membership application form. 

  3. we Schedule AND UNDERTAKE a Series 1 Baseline Audit.

  4. We assist you in creating and implementing your Plastic free Management Plan (pfMP) in accordance with the standard and supplementary guidance.

  5. We check back every year to see your progress in implementing your pfMP and measure your positive impact in contributing to a plastic free future!

(Please Note Special rates are applied for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)Contact us for full details).

Getting Certified has never been easier

Apply now and ensure your business is one of the pioneering companies to receive the

Plastic free futures certification mark.

we have an overarching goal to assist the world in ending the demand for and use of petroleum based plastics and synthetic materials. we willingly give back to our PLANET and fellow citizens 10% of all our profits. click to find out more! 

Do you have a story or an idea on how to deal with the plastic pollution epidemic? Then we want to hear from you.

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