Environmental audit committee recommends adoption of ‘polluter pays’ principle and Plastic Taxation

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

The rising tide of plastic waste in the ocean has been described by UN Oceans Chief Lisa Svensson as a ‘planetary crisis’, with 8 – 12 million tonnes of plastic being thrown in our oceans each year!

Mary Creagh MP said:

"Packaging producers don’t currently have to bear the full financial burden of recycling their packaging. By reforming producer responsibility charges, the Government can ensure that producers and retailers will have financial incentives to design packaging that is easily recyclable, or face higher compliance costs."

In a recently published report MPs recommended supermarkets, retailers and drinks companies should pay significantly more towards the recycling of the plastic packaging they sell under the 'polluter pays' principle. Discussions for a plastic tax are also underway and expected imminently.

It was also suggested that taxation should also be reformed to reward companies that offer clothing repairs and reduce the environmental footprint of their products!

Mary Creagh MP, Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee, said:

“Urgent action is needed to protect our environment from the devastating effects of marine plastic pollution which, if it continues to rise at current rates, will outweigh fish by 2050''.

Plastic is currently seen as a cheap material however with the costs of landfill, incineration and composting soon to be reflected in product prices, biological alternatives will flood the market and soon become financially viable!

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