Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Updated: Mar 10

Plastic rubbish is currently accumulating in 5 Ocean garbage patches across the globe. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) is the largest of the five off-shore plastic accumulation zones in the world’s oceans, located halfway between Hawaii and California. These circulating plastics are negatively impacting our ecosystems, health and economies. Solving this global crisis requires a combination of closing the source (the PFF method) and cleaning up the estimated 5,000 000 000 000 (5 trillion) pieces of plastic that currently litter the world’s oceans.

The extent of the Plastic Crisis

Like many other marine animals, sea turtles mistake plastic waste for a viable food source, sometimes causing fatal blockages in their digestive system.

Over 100 million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean. Currently it is estimated that there are 100 million tons of plastic in oceans around the world.

Ocean plastic pollution is a global emergency, it is everywhere from the Arctic Ocean at top of the world to the Marianas trench at the bottom of the Pacific. It’s been found in whales, turtles and 90% of sea birds.

How PLASTIC FREE FUTURES aims to help!

This is a problem that isn’t waiting for future generations, it’s our problem! It’s happening now! We are the ones facing this crisis! PLASTIC FREE FUTURES have designed a mechanism through which the consumer, can communicate directly with our manufactures, producers and suppliers.

We need to start taking responsibility and acknowledge our over-consumption of non-biodegradable plastic materials. We are only now understanding and witnessing the “TRUE COST” of plastic as its whole life- cycle was never previously considered.


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Do you have a story or an idea on how to deal with the plastic pollution epidemic? Then we want to hear from you.

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