The complexity and widespread use of plastic within industry 

requires a sophisticated solution.


the Plastic free futures certification 

Standard commits and helps business to become plastic free by identifying, 

prioritising and targeting the greatest plastic risk areas sequentially, assisting with direction and focus. 

Successful implementation of the Plastic free futures certification standard into business management practices will lead to a quantifiable reduction in non-biodegradable plastic consumption and waste in industry in line with the growing demand for petroleum plastic free products from both consumers and government.


 The continual improvement strategy drives and focuses organisation’s internal systems with an overarching goal to achieving a Plastic FREE business within a specified time-frame.  

As with traditional contaminated land remediation, the first step in the clean up is cutting it off at the source

additionally BY connecting businesses ON our PLASTIC FREE FUTURES MEMBERS FORUM we aim to stimulate and increase knowledge sharing within industry and accelerate the affordability and availability of sustainable alternative products and practices.

Apply now and ensure your business is one of the pioneering companies to receive the

Plastic free futures certification mark.

we have an overarching goal to assist the world in ending the demand for and use of petroleum based plastics and synthetic materials. we willingly give back to our PLANET and fellow citizens 10% of all our profits. click to find out more! 

Do you have a story or an idea on how to deal with the plastic pollution epidemic? Then we want to hear from you.

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